Orthodontics | John D. Kernan DMD, PA - Westmont, NJ

Sometimes your teeth need a little help to look the way you want them to. I, John D. Kernan DMD, PA can help you get the smile you have always wanted. Whether you need a full set of braces or just a few teeth straightened, my office has all your orthodontics needs.

If you have an overbite that you are desperate to fix, or maybe a few teeth are too crowded, I can help you fix that. My dedicated staff will walk you through each visit and answer any questions you may have about your procedures. I, John D. Kernan DMD, PA know that your orthodontics needs can sometimes weigh on your confidence level. We are determined to not only straighten your teeth but to also help boost your morale.

I offer more than just regular braces. We also offer ceramic braces and Invisalign.

Regular Braces - Metal brackets placed on the teeth to help structural problems

Ceramic Braces - The same as regular braces but made out of ceramic instead of metal, making them less visible.

Invisalign - Mouth guard-like aligners that are replaced removable and replaced approximately every two weeks.

Orthodontics doesn’t have to be complicated. I, John D. Kernan DMD, PA will have my staff show you all your options. No matter which option you chose, your dental health is our ultimate goal.

Orthodontics not only helps with the straightening on teeth. They can also help with structural problems and spacing issues. Healthy mouths and healthy teeth make for happy people. I am dedicated to helping you smile more, laugh more, and feel good all the way around.

I, John D. Kernan DMD, PA know that any kind of procedure can be difficult. Let me make it easier on you. Come see me today for your orthodontic evaluation!